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DSc Theme:
Synthesis of asynchronous micro-pipeline systems with common structure
Developed during 2005-2011


      In dissertation there is unified methodological approach created composed of systematically developed methods for synthesis of hardware implemented random structure algorithms in form of asynchronous micro-pipeline systems. Along with these methods there are original operating schemes synthesized, as well as multi-input concentrators and their applications.
      New scientific tendency is highlighted, relevant to synthesis, analysis and optimization of common structure micro-pipeline systems. There are original synchronous and asynchronous one- and multi-cycle micro-pipeline stages synthesized performing under different conditions; as well as logical schemes of pipeline controllers, combining one-cycle and multi-cycle micro-pipeline stages control.
      There are formulated and solved new scientific tasks for hardware synthesis of asynchronous non-linear, cyclic, parallel and superscalar micro-pipeline structures, as well as their combinations. Original logical schemes of pipeline controllers are synthesized allowing structures creation. The task for order restore of pipeline outgoing results is solved by synthesis of original logical structure of micro-pipeline buffer and its managing algorithm. Also is solved the task for request arbitration into micro-pipeline systems joint-dot by asynchronous arbiter synthesis.
      Method for synthesis of a-periodic finite state machine with hardware and software attached logic is developed.
      Efficiency of synthesized micro-pipeline systems is investigated and validated by functional time-diagrams.
      Obtained into dissertation results are methodological base for synthesis of asynchronous micro-pipeline systems with common structure of the computations, which is systematized for the first time in scientific literature.

Keywords:  asynchronous micro-pipelines, non-linear micro-pipelines, cyclic micro-pipelines, parallel micro-pipelines, superscalar micro-pipelines, pipeline controllers, NRZ and RZ transfer protocols, micro-pipeline restore order buffer, delay-models, concentrators, a-periodic finite state machines.

Dissertation was defended on 18.09.2012.


PhD Thesis:
Algorithms for pattern recognition and their application in the technical diagnostic
Developed during 1987-1990.

       PhD thesis is concerned to developing new methodologies and algorithms for pattern recognition and its usage for solving some specific problems in the technical diagnostic of naval diesel power installations as part of continuous ship running. The thesis ends with suggestion about computer complex architecture for running management.
      Scientific specialty of PhD thesis is 02-21-10:  “Usage of cybernetic principles and methodologies in the technique”.
      The defense of PhD thesis was on 09.07.1991 in the presence of “Cybernetic and Automation” council at the testimonial committee of Republic of Bulgaria.